We strive to give everyone an experience to learn from and remember. Below are just some of the wonderful things people say that let us know we are doing our jobs.



“WOW! What an incredible field investigation day yesterday! Thank you for making yesterday’s Trinity field investigation so meaningful for the students of Handley Middle School.”


Leslie Wittenburg
Regional Education Coordinator
Texas Wildlife Association



“My students have a greater appreciation for art. Many plan to take their parents back for a visit.”

Teacher feedback
FWISD Student Field Trip to the Sid Richardson Museum



“On Tuesday, January 20, I attended the Kimball program, “Faces of
Impressionism,” with three art III classes and one dance class from
Carter High School. The students were divided into 2 groups for the
tour. The docent leading the group of students I accompanied was
outstanding. He immediately grabbed their attention with his great
storytelling ability, his rapport building skill and his subtle humor.
He used students as models and helpers as he told stories and explained
concepts. He encouraged interaction and questions from the students,
treating them with respect and valuing their input. The students were
interested, involved and happy.


The delightful creative group projects were a hit with students. The
tasks were eagerly taken on by the students. The results were
phenomenal, especially considering the short period of time to learn, to
create and to film that these amateur artists had. Upon leaving one
student said, “It wasn’t as boring as I thought it would be. I want to
come back.” Another young man said, “It was fun.” Every student was
welcomed, every student’s words and actions were validated and every
student participated with enthusiasm.”


Molly Brown
Faces of Impressionism Program


“The ‘Welcome Back to the Fort’ Program strengthened our Social Studies/History curriculum. It brought Social Studies/History to life. What a great way of teaching the History of Fort Worth!”


2nd Grade Teachers from HV Helbing
Survey Responses


“It does enrich our curriculum and will be especially beneficial in later units in social studies as we study America’s Early Settlers.  We will be able to reflect on what we experienced and make connections to what we are learning.”

“The story telling was fabulous and they were able to recall the story events and the ‘Sody Saleratus.’ They enjoyed it a lot.  They also enjoyed dressing up in the period clothes.”


Teachers from Cesar Chavez
Survey Responses for Welcome Back to the Fort


“The (Modern Impressions) workshop session was facilitated by a teaching artist who did an excellent job of helping students to reflect on elements garnered from the art exhibit using their own creativity in a collaborative way through the use of technology (creating Vine videos recreating and interpreting the works of art). 100% of students were authentically engaged in this high-interest activity that provided some structure for consistency but maximized student creativity, interaction and reflection. A student was heard to say, ‘There are many ways to express your art.’ Reportedly, one other student said, ‘At first, when we came, the paintings were still, but then we started acting and they came to life.'”


Pam Ehrich, Molly Brown & Jerri McNair
IFW Board Members
Faces of Impressionism Program & Modern Impressions Workshop


“Thanks again for a GREAT field trip!! We are extremely appreciative to have had our students approved to be included in the recent Impressionist Kimbell Museum/ Imagination Celebration field trip! This was a unique experience unlike any others we’ve been involved in. The combination of Visual Art and Dance students made for a rich, interactive experience! The museum paintings definitely came alive through the ‘hands-on’ activity/performance/Vine video filming! Thanks again for all of your support!

We look forward to receiving and sharing the student made Vine-videos and performances.”


Phyllis King
South Hills High School, Visual Arts Department
Faces of Impressionism Program & Modern Impressions Workshop


“Paid staff, volunteers, and teachers who are making this happen are rock stars. Conservation education is integral to a sustainably healthy Texas. My hat’s off to those of you who make it happen. Keep rocking…”


Greg Simons
Vice President, Texas Wildlife Association
The Trinity River – Then & Now


“I will second Greg’s comments. “Kids in dirt” makes me happy. What a great and worthwhile effort. Thank you ALL for making this such a big success!”


R. David Yeates
Chief Executive Officer, Texas Wildlife Association
The Trinity River – Then & Now


“An extraordinary field experience that my students were able to experience. In the field looking for quail, playing a simulated game for survival, and learning how to dissect and inspect the quail digestive system, m y students enjoyed and learned at every rotation. I took very gifted (high level) and low level (504) students and each one said it was their best day at school this year.”


Denise Gordon
Science Teacher, FWISD’s Applied Learning Academy
The Life & Death of a Texas Bobwhite Quail


“In October, I had the pleasure of attending two of Imagination Celebration’s programs: The Texas Ballet’s performance of “Sleeping Beauty” and Arlington Heights High School’s performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Two very different programs, but with similarities that must be noted. First of all, each performance was professionally executed, visually dramatic and engaging. And at both programs, the children (1st graders and 5th graders respectively) were captivated and engrossed by the action on stage. At the Texas Ballet Theater, children were seated at the foot of the stage where they “ooohed” and “ahhhed” as Sleeping Beauty floated across the floor and was lifted by her prince. Seated so close, they could see the perspiration of these world-class athletes, the beading of the costumes and the subtle movements of the dancers’ performances. During “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” the students laughed, shouted in surprise and stood up out of their seats to get a better view of Puck’s antics. During both performances, Imagination Celebration took these students on an artistic adventure… to a place that they may never have been before… and opened the door to new possibilities. I felt honored to witness their enthusiasm first hand and am looking forward to seeing what else IC has in store for our students this year!”


Dawn Taft
IFW Board Member
Texas Ballet– Sleeping Beauty & Arlington Heights– A Midsummer Night’s Dream


“The learning opportunities provided to the students of Fort Worth ISD through Imagination Celebration cultivate their creativity and personal development through hands-on experiences. This is the type of learning that ‘sticks’ and excites our young learners to want to know more.”


Christina Walk
FWISD Executive Director, Visual & Performing Arts


“Those are wonderful pictures of our students actively involved in hands-on learning. The students look engaged and excited to be there and I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work in making learning fun. Thanks for all you do for the children of FWISD!”


Patricia Linares Ph.D.
Interim Superintendent, Fort Worth ISD


“My Favorite part of the Imagination Texas: A Special Weekend Celebrating the Deaf and hard of Hearing is art as I was skilled of art with my own hands.”


“Watching all our kids interact with other Deaf/Hard of Hearing peers and adults and enjoy being part of a ‘world’ that accepts and loves them for who they are and focuses on their abilities not ‘dis’abilities.”


“Seeing kids have fun and interact with others in their own language.”


“Peter Cook and Chris Joseph (from NTD). Meeting everyone and the different activities that were provided for the students were fun. Also seeing how much fun the students were having and enjoying themselves.”


“Students making friends and just being able to relax and enjoy all the art and activities. Everything was so organized and easy and must have taken a ton of behind-the-scenes work and preparation!”


“The opportunity for my students to experience other D/HH students! They were so excited to see so many other students just like them! Thank you for this opportunity!”

“Seeing our kids emerge out of their shells and open up and be willing to participate in the activities. It was great seeing the shy smiling and participating, even becoming leaders in their groups.”


“Thank you so much for hosting this marvelous event for our Deaf students. It is a wonderful opportunity to re-connect with other Deaf students. It is also and incredible experience for them to see Deaf adults with successful careers. i know that one of our students now wants to study theatre arts because she was inspired by National Theatre of the Arts performance.”


“We really enjoyed attending Imagination Texas: A Special Weekend Celebrating the Deaf and hard of Hearing this year. It was wonderful seeing our students opening up in ways that we don’t see in the classroom among their hearing peers.”


“This was one of the best received groups of artists that I can remember. The students really responded to the younger artists. The event continues to be the highlight for HS students across Texas for twenty five years and counting!”


Teachers & Students Responses from the Survey Question:
“What was your favorite part of Imagination Texas: A Special Weekend Celebrating the Deaf and hard of Hearing?”

Regional Day School Program for the Deaf
Program: Imagination Texas: A Special Weekend Celebrating the Deaf and hard of Hearing


“It was very encouraging to see our FWISD students doing something they have a passion for. It showed in their work. I have never attended any of your plays, but I would definitely recommend it to other teachers/schools.”


Teachers from Hubbard Heights Elementary
Survey Response for I Never Saw Another Butterfly

“The IFW experience showed in real life something that my kids mostly see only on a video. It also taught them about aspects of the history of Mexican heritage in Texas.”


Brandi Pace, Teacher from Van Zandt-Guinn Elementary
Survey Response for Barber of Seville

“I Never Saw Another Butterfly is a powerful play which was expertly performed by the Tech High School students. The fifth grade audience was completely enthralled as was evidenced by their undivided attention, their collective gasp at one particular dramatic moment in the production and their interesting questions afterward. It is a tribute to the quality of the performance that the fifth grade audience felt a personal involvement with the actors. 


I thoroughly enjoyed the play. I surely believe this experience will be a high point of the year for both the actors and the audience. The actors were amazingly successful and the students in the audience experienced the power of live theater.”


Molly Brown
IFW Board Member

“I loved taking the kids there simply because I had never been to such a field trip. “


“The exposure these kids got.  Many would never see the place without this opportunity.”


” I am looking forward to using the presentation as a jumping off point for teaching money and financial literacy objectives.”


Brandi Pace, Teacher from Westpark Elementary
Survey Response for Bureau of Engraving and Printing


“The Art Trip with Riverside Middle School was truly wonderful. The students were so appreciative and really learned from the experience. I was so glad that they were able to take part in the experience. The students were outstanding and behaved beautifully, with questions, responses, and focus. The Amon Carter Tour Leaders and Educators were inspiring with the relationship to thinking and higher level critical thinking skills. The students were able to view art, make decisions, form judgments, and interact with the education team of the Amon Carter.”


Beverly Fletcher
Visual Art Education Director, Fort Worth ISD
Reflections of a Community, a State & a Nation– Amon Carter Museum

“Robotics class helped me create a new form of art that comes to life. They also taught me that like any art, you need patience to make your art work …and every small detail of any piece of art really works to bring it all together.”


“This was definitely a new medium for me as i am an artist, and it made me view my definition of art differently. It was a great learning experience.”


“The robotics classes helped me explore a new form of art that i had not been exposed to prior to this. This taught me the basics of a new language. In addition, this taught me patience through the tedious steps.”


“The robotics classes were a really cool experience. They helped me expand my imagination.They also taught me to see even another way to create art using different tools and techniques to make it.Robotics helped me to use my brain a better way. I really enjoyed the experience.”


Students Responses from the end of Program Survey
Program: YAA Robotics & Art

“We actually went to Bass Hall to see The Nutcracker the very next week so we were able to compare and contrast the 2 performances. It was very enlightening to see how much the students learned and remembered from your performance!”


“The ImagineGuide prepared the students for the performance and gave them background information on dance. We used the word wall words. It was very cool to feel the anticipation in the bus. They were very excited to view in person what was taught in class.”


“I let the students know beforehand that ballet tells a story through dance. I feel the story came across very clearly in your performance. When we returned to class, the students wrote about the show and what story they “saw” through dance.”


“I am a reading teacher, and to me, dance is a rigorous way of teaching a story. There are no words, so we watch and imagine the story that is being created before our eyes. In a typical story we have to infer (read between the lines) what the author is trying to tell us. This dance helped me correlate that into my reading in a way the students now understand.”


Davina Barnett, 3rd Teacher from Sam Rosen Elementary
Survey Response from Ballet Concerto “Holiday Special” Program

“Great hands on imaginative process.”


“Fun learning experience, which will soon be useful in the future.”


“We got to use what we learned and apply it to a fun arts activity.”


“Exciting and Engaging.”


“I like how we were able to put all the concepts we learned this year into art projects.”


“If felt good to be able to think outside the box to create complex living creatures.”


“The 2 exploration activities helped everyone in the class understand new topics…most classes never do that.”


“As a student who learns better from hands on experiences, this program really helped me.”


“Hands on is my favorite way to learn and you guys made it even more fun!”


“We learned so many things from these experiences, not just about birds, and I will remember this experience forever.”


“Thank you for allowing us to ‘Keep a spark’ going in our brains.”


“This program was exciting, fun, and wonderful. This was my faorite experience of the whole year!”

Middle SchoolStudents Responses
Trinity River, Texas Bob White Quail, and Adaptation Artistry Programs


“The activities and information you provided were great. I used much of it in my classroom. We made the drums and played them with African drum music. We also talked about the biodiversity of the African continent and our art department made large kente clothes by allowing each grade level to make strips of geometric color strips out of paper.”

“Learning that art is portrayed in many different forms was really good. Between the performance and the curriculum ideas you put together it was a wonderful artistic experience.”

Teacher feedback
Dallas Children’s Theater’s Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters – An African Tale



“The students now better understand how our country and the rest of the world use money and the process that keeps it and our country’s finances secure involved.”

“The educational value was in providing an experience for these students from which to draw regarding ones, fives, twenties, etc. as well as the concepts of hundreds, thousands, millions and billions that will be of particular value with follow up activities in the classroom.”

Teacher feedback
Money, Goods, and services. A Study of Commerce Program



“OMG!!! My students were able to have a personal experience with weaving and some had never experienced a campfire setting, but they enjoyed using their imagination while listening and making music with the wonderful tour guides.”

“The program provided connections to informational texts the students are reading, supports Native Texans history.”

Teacher feedback
Sid Richardson Museum– An American West Art Adventure



“Culturally, it gave our students exposure to something they wouldn’t normally experience.”

Teacher feedback
Ballet Concerto’s The Christmas Grump


“This was a great group. They came ready to learn about how art can intersect with engineering and programming robots, and they impressed us with their positive attitudes, patience, and determination.”

Christina Garcia – on the Robotics Art Program with Leonard Middle School
Sid Richardson Museum– An American West Art Adventure