Getting Students Involved with the Centennial Commission of World War 1

Imagination Fort Worth is proud to announce a partnered effort to get students involved in the history of the United States World War 1. The exhibition at the Fort Worth Public Library, From Cowboy to Doughboy – North Texas in WWI: Mobilization for “The Great War,” gives students a chance to experience an interactive tour with local historical figures brought to life by theater students from Trimble Tech High School’s Theater program. A library tour educating students on the vast resources the library has to offer, and readings of actual letters from home in Texas to soldiers serving in the war, as well as poetry and essays from the time, set to period music, will be read by actors from Trimble Tech in period dress. Topics covered in the WW I exhibition and the ImagineGuide educational guide provided by Imagination Fort Worth to the teachers attending for classroom use: A WWI Timeline; Pre-War and Mexico Texas Border Conflicts; The Army & Camp Bowie; Multi-Cultural Aspects of WWI & North Texas; Regional Culture; Army Air Service and Royal Flying Corps Airfields; The Home Front; World Overview.


An overview of the Exhibit

Skits from the Exhibit

TAFA Summer Intensive

Funded by the Texas Academy of Figurative Art, the Sid Richardson Foundation, and the Arts Council of Fort Worth NAP Program, the 2017 TAFA Summer Intensive was a great success! The TAFA Summer Intensive was our first awe-inspiring program in the 2017-2018 school year. The Texas Academy of Figurative Art and IFW Summer Academy (July 10-21, 2017) was a two-week (60 hour) intensive art program that had great appeal to aspiring young artists. The program exposed teens to the principles of realist art through a classically-based curriculum. It offered high school students the hands on experience to anchor their drawing and painting skills in classical methodology as well as enhanced their portfolio preparations. Key faculty who will be taught this two-week course were: Ron Cheek, Founder of TAFA; Andrew Boatright, a gifted realistic painter who apprenticed under Ron; and Michael Planta, a student instructor who offered critiques to new students. (Special accommodations will be made by TAFA to prevent student exposure to nudity).


Anticipated outcomes:

  • Students will increase their knowledge of 19th and 20th century realistic artists and their work
  • Students will develop determination, rigor and skills required by realistic drawing and painting
  • Students will participate in an exhibit of their work at the end of the 2 week period, which includes an artist’s outcome statement, as relating to the process and impact of learning during the experience, and the creation of a plan to integrate the experience into their studies during their remaining years of high school
  • Students will participate in panel discussions during lunch hours, led by professional artists (topics will include: wealth creation in the real-world-profession of visual arts, opportunities for visual art focused studies beyond high school, practical and soft visual arts skills applicable in arts related job markets)
  • Students will increase their self-confidence and desire to pursue art education after graduating from high school

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Learning New Moves

We can’t thank Dance Council of North Texas enough for taking the time to spread the word about one of our many programs that combine education and the arts! Read the article below or take a look here.


Fort Worth, Texas (January 29, 2016) – Courtesy of Imagination Fort Worth, the Junior League of Fort Worth and Texas Ballet Theater, more than 200 first-grade students from JT Stevens, Dolores Huerta and Ridglea Hills Elementary Schools were treated to an in-studio preview of excerpts from Ben Stevenson’s Cinderella. After the show, students learned a handful of ballet moves and French terminology from Texas Ballet Theater staff. The students headed back to class with a Cinderella-themed activity book created and donated by the Junior League of Fort Worth.

“We pride ourselves on educating future generations on the art of ballet,” said Merideth Tullous, community enrichment manager for Texas Ballet Theater.

As part of the field trip experience, Imagination Fort Worth developed a digital ImagineGuide for teachers to use in the classroom to prepare students for the program and for use after the trip to Texas Ballet Theater to provide support for their first grade studies on fairy tales. Imagination Fort Worth also provided a bi-lingual Cinderella/Cenicienta book for each teacher’s classroom.


To learn more about this program and many others, check out our current programs page here.

Storybook PAL is on its way in Fall of 2015!

Fort Worth ISD has a large population of students from families characterized as economically disadvantaged, many of whom are also ESL or bilingual. These young citizens and their parents need early services to pave the way for success in school. Studies indicate that parental engagement and arts-centered instruction are keys to accelerating literacy, language acquisition and school readiness in the youngest of learners. To meet this pressing need, IFW is developing a unique pilot program, Storybook PAL. The program, targeting Pre-K students, parents and teachers, will provide 9-months of recurring and in-depth literature-based programming in participating schools, that layers the core Pre-K curriculum with fun, arts-integrated educational experiences.

What is the primary focus of STORYBOOK PAL?

The primary focus of the yearlong program will be literacy, English language acquisition and school readiness, addressed both at school and at home through a combination of arts and educational strategies based on recent research best practices.