Weekend for the Deaf

When & Where

Dates, Times, and Location for 2018 will be announced soon, be sure to check back once the school year begins!



Subject to change:

Dallas/ Fort Worth Airport Marriott South
4151 Centreport Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76155
Telephone (817)359-4695
Fax (817)359-4619


Don’t Forget to Buy a T-shirt!

This year’s Special Weekend for the Deaf shirts, displaying the winning students’ artwork, will be on sale for $12 at the event. Supply is limited.

Necessary Paperwork for Imagination Texas

DJ & Song Requests

The DJ for the dance on Friday Night will be a company called Disc Jockeys Now.

Students, please use the form below to submit a song that you would like played at the dance.






Learn More About the Program

Imagination Texas’ Special Weekend for the Deaf celebrated its twenty-fifth year in April 2015! This program began when a zealous Deaf Education teacher named Dianne Fisher endeavored to find funding to bring the National Theatre for the Deaf’s performance of Treasure Island to her students in Fort Worth. What began as a single performance turned into a weekend of fine arts workshops, a dance, and the bringing together of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students all over the state of Texas.



During the past twenty-five years, we have seen the talented performances of artists such as the late Chuck Baird, and Phyllis Frelich. We’ve Experienced Deaf Culture with Anthony Natale, Ty Giordano, Peter Cook, Troy Kotsur, Deanne Bray, Keith Wann, J. J. Jones, and Bernard Bragg. We’ve danced alongside Fred Beam and the Wild Zappers, and felt the heart pounding music and sign performance of Sean Forbes. We have painted, sketched, and sculpted with Matt Daigle, Janet Morrow, Charles Wildbank, Alex Wilhite, and Tony McGregor. We’ve shaken the foundations with the Taiko Drummers, the Mondo Drummers, Judy Holloway, and Tom McDermott. We have walked in the shoes of Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew), been entertained by the genius of Pixar animators, gazed at the stars with the Fort Worth Science and History Museum, seen the Elizabethan era unfold with Dianne Simons, and been introduced to Native American culture as well as our own rich Texas Heritage by the many passionate historical preservation groups of Fort Worth. We have borne witness to the inspiring stories of Heather Whitestone, the first deaf Miss America, and Justin Osmond, who both overcame familiar but nonetheless challenging obstacles. We have been to the stars and back!



Workshops Information & Notes

The 2017 Imagination Texas, Special Weekend for the Deaf will had an amazing lineup of the most engaging, hands on workshops. The year’s theme was Art in Motion. The 2018 year will be filled with another great lineup! To get an idea of what type of workshops are available, please see below:

Please click here to download the ImagineNotes for the weekend.

Workshops this year include:

  • Painting with Rebekah Farley
  • Music Interpretation with JoAnn Benfield, Kelly Kurdi and Matthew Maxey
  • TEACHER workshop with Laura Hill
  • Fashion Design with Justin LeBlanc
  • Art with Hannah Mann
  • Drumming with Tom McDermott
  • 3-D Art with Janet Morrow
  • Salsa Dancing with Charley and Kethry Tiggs
  • STOP Motion Animation with Johnny Villarreal
  • ASL Performance with Windell “Wink” Smith, Jr.



What is included for Weekend for the Deaf?

IFW encompasses the diversity of the world of Art. This year we are pleased to have painters, drummers, dancers, cartoonists, photographers, storytellers, and known actors that represent a few of the art forms that will be presented during the weekend.
What your students will receive for only $75 per person. (Staff cost is also $75 per person)

  • Banquet Dinner Friday night
  • Dance with Professional DJ
  • Breakfast Saturday
  • Lunch Saturday
  • 1 night lodging in hotel
  • 5 specialized workshops with Deaf Artists
  • They will be experiencing an Opening and Closing Performance by nationally recognized deaf performers.
  • The opportunity to meet and have life long friendships with other deaf students across the state of Texas.



Please Take Note:

  • Pizza will again be available for $10 each; they are 18″ pizzas from Big Apple Cafe Pizza. Please make sure you pre-order at the registration table and pay. Pizza will be ready for pick up after the dance on Friday night. Soft drinks will be for sale for $1 each. Gluten-free option may be available. Price may vary. Ask at the registration table.


  • Programs available this year, free of charge, for the students to collect
    names and autographs of friends and artists met.